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Pray for Andrew Brunson's trial in Izmir (Smyrna), Turkey

Update from my friend in Turkey:

All of you who are praying for Andrew Brunson, please continue. They have broken for dinner, no conclusion yet. Sort of looks like it might continue beyond today but still not sure. 2 interesting developments. A group of important Americans came and abruptly left in the middle of the day. No one knows what that meant. Secondly, the witnesses against Andrew have backtracked on some of their previous testimony. One person who has been at both hearings said: 'No conclusion but this hearing is more positive than the first.'

Keep praying for Andrew as he witnesses, stands for the truth and lives for Christ in this situation. May His perseverance, faith, courage and love speak clearly about who/what is most important for him

Andrew's hearing is over for today. They came to no final conclusion. The next hearing is July 18th....which happens to be after the election in Turkey (June 24th and if need be a 'run off' election if one candidate does not get enough votes; many have suggested July 7th or 8th for that one). He was returned to the better prison.

This must be wearing on Andrew and Norine and their family. Pray for them this evening, for rest from the Lord; for joyful endurance now for two months in prison, for the glory of God to shine brightly through him as he continues to live for Him and witness to His power and wisdom in the gospel. May all involved be protected from "self" everything during this time.

I am studying Colossians for a conference and the prayer of 1:9-21 (yes it continues that far!) be a good framework to pray for him to walk pleasing to God and fully understanding what God's will is for him during this time.

Thank you!!

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