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Prayers for Sudan

Sudan is a country in Northeast Africa and is the 3rd largest country in Africa, area-wise and by population. A conflict in Sudan that erupted on April 15 has killed hundreds of people, driven more than 100,000 to flee across the borders, and displaced hundreds of thousands inside the country where many are already relying on international aid even before the fighting erupted. People are being forced to flee amid the clashes and refugees are arriving in neighbouring Chad in desperate need of help.

(Photo from UNHR ( )

  • Pray for comfort in their grief.

  • Pray for the displaced people in Sudan and those seeking refuge in neighbouring countries who need shelter, safety, food, clothing and basic supplies.

  • Pray against the exploitation and abuse of children, girls, and women. Plan International reported that families are being separated by private contractors offering transport out of Sudan, raising concerns about the safety of children and girls as conflict in Sudan escalates.

  • Pray for Christians to be strengthened and encouraged by the Holy Spirit and that the flames of hope will keep burning in them.

  • Pray that Christians will reach out to their neighbours in love and that the Word of God will being much fruit in the middle of this crisis.

  • Pray for an end to the violence. Pray that the fighting would stop and that peace would be restored to the country.

  • Pray for servant-hearted leaders of Sudan.

  • Pray for reconciliation.

  • Pray for many to have visions and dreams of the Prince of Peace and that they will be reconciled to the True God.


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