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This book has been written as a labor of love. Its subject was one of nature’s noblemen.

It is not easy for a Mohammedan to embrace Christianity, but Kamil’s history shows that when he is converted the Moslem becomes a strong and vigorous Christian. The element of divine truth which Mohammed derived from the Old and New Testaments, and which runs like a vein of gold through that extraordinary book, the Koran, teaching the existence and attributes of God, the responsibility of man, and a final judgment, is a good foundation to build upon.

But to reach the foundation to sweep away the rubbish of childish fables, traditions, and perversions which overlie the original monotheism of the Old Testament, and disarm the accumulated prejudices of twelve centuries—this is the work of the divine Spirit.

Kamil was plainly taught by the Spirit, who revealed Christ to him as his personal Saviour. May it prove to be true that he was but the first-fruits of a mighty harvest to be gathered for Christ among the Mohammedans of the Arab race.


Beirut, Syria October, 1897. 

Kamil Abdul Messiah: A Syrian Convert from Islam to Christianity

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  • Jessup, Henry Harris

    • Paperback
    • Publisher: The Westminister Press (2008)
    • ASIN: B07642M3RF
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