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Mohammed Ahmed (pseudonym) is a Sudanese convert from Islam who has an ardent desire to see his people also come to know Jesus.


"The central questions that every reader of this story will face are: Why the suffering? And is it worth it? Those who are somewhat familiar with Islamic Law will know that, while it is fairly easy to become a Muslim, it can be extremely difficult to leave Islam... Pressures and persecutions of all kinds are brought to bear on the individual by family and authorities. This is what Mohammed experienced. Yet through it all, he discovered the protecting hand of his Saviour who promises "I will never leave you nor forsake you", for "nothing can separate (the Christian) from the love of God in Christ Jesus."


The war in Sudan has killed thousands upon thousands and Mohammed can confirm that the struggle is not only on the ground where people are being killed, but also in the spiritual realm where ideologies of Islam and Christianity are locked in an ongoing battle. What is striking is that, in the midst of it all, the Kingdom of God is being built, as exemplified in this one life. " - Foreward by Abe Wiebe





A Journey with Christ: In Jails and Torture Chambers

  • Ahmed, Mohammed

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